What Qualities In A Person Attracts Others Very Easily?

Is there anyone who doesn’t like to get good reputation?

Obviously no right! Some express this inner feeling genuinely where as some pretend. Having higher education, marks, grades and even your high payable job also never attract others.

If someone gets attracted to you based on the above qualities then you will land up with fake ones who use you cleverly and pretend love.

let me tell you from my real life experience.

During my graduation, I experienced different kinds of people cunning, jealous, pretending friendship, using for some purpose, backbiters…oh my goodness this list goes on..Meeting these creatures breaks the heart if a person possesses qualities of being genuine, being frank in expressing opinions. If jealous, cunning, pretending friendship comes from the closed ones that feeling is really awkward.

That’s what exactly happened to me.

May be it’s my unfortunate to meet those creepy creatures who uses and throws out once the work is done. After meeting such kind of people, I was afraid of humans, I was afraid to trust people. I was afraid to love people. I was afraid to mingle even.

After having those bad experiences in my life, I thought I may not get true ones ever.

I experienced worst kind of people who doesn’t have even have humanity. I cried several times why it happens to me? I thought being genuine and giving true love is sin and crime.

But you know, I feel happy for meeting those people. Because of them only today I am able to understand who is what in just very few meetings. It helped me to protect myself from those evil creatures.

It seems GOD puts us into so many difficulties in order to give the BEST. He knows what we deserve. If you give true love to others, if you are genuine in your relationship, you will definelty meet the same like-minded person ONE DAY.

That’s what exactly happened to me.

What I say is just because you had bad experiences in life, never stop being genuine. Give one chance to everyone. If you don’t, you may loose real ones.

This world is not full of bad people. there are good ones too because of them only this world is still existing.

It is very hard to find the true ones. Once you find, it’s really awesome.


Want to be liked by everyone? Want to experience true relationships?

I feel these qualities are very important

These are the qualities in a person that attracts others very easily.

  1. Not lying: Never ever lie atleast to your closed ones. Once they find you said lie, you will loose trust in their hearts. Saying truth is hard but its result is sweet.  Unless, it’s life threatening issue never say lie.
  2. Stand for others: Give your support to others in difficult times. Every person will taste both happiness and sadness. There is no person in this world who experiences only happiness. We will come to know the true colors of the person only during difficult times.
  3. Stop Faking Relationship: Be genuine in any relationship. Never ever do double action. Don’t behave one thing inside and one thing outside. Sooner or later, that true love comes in some form.
  4. Not Gossiping: If someone shares with you something, never say that to others. keep up that with you. That’s how you build up trust. Never gossip about others. Focus on your own shit.
  5. Being humorous: No one likes the complaint guy and sad guy. Everyone has problems. what you are is how you act. If you want others to talk to you and if you want huge network of people, be humorous.
  6. Never be sarcastic: Some people have the habit of talking sarcastically. They see pleasure in that but it hurts others. No one has right to hurt others. If you don’t like simply don’t talk or ignore but never hurt others with your words and actions.
  7. Being positive: Look at the life in an optimistic way. If you think of negative, you can spread only negative to others and that spoils. look at life from a different perspective.
  8. Show gratitude: If you get some help from any one, show gratitude to them. The biggest sin in this world is forgetting help. If you can’t help them back atleast show gratitude. Be grateful. A person who is grateful to others gets more and more in his life.
  9. Listen to others: A true listener is loved by all. This is very powerful quality that you must posses. Be a good listener.
  10. Smile: Talk everyone with a smiling face. Smile doesn’t cost you anything. You need not spend money for it. Talk to others with a smiling face. A true smile and hug can heal the wounds of a person. It has great power. Just a give a try and you will feel amazed.
  11. Physique: Yes, I don’t say six pack or zero size. It just a good physique. It also increases your self-confidence.
  12. Maintain eye contact: While talking to others, maintain eye contact. It means you are genuinely interested in listening to others. When someone is talking to you don’t turn your face. It spoils your relationship.
  13. Respect other feelings: I personally feel this is charming. I like the person who respects my feelings and I do the same. This quality attracts any person.
  14. Frankness: I like to be frank rather than saying it to some other. Whether it is love or hate or like or anything, say frankly to that person only. Sometimes it hurts others but you can say it politely too.
  15. Be humble. No one likes arrogant person.  To how much great heights you reach in your career, always stay humble.

Beautiful faces are everywhere but beautiful minds are hard to find. In the end we won’t remember the most beautiful face and body  we will remember the most beautiful heart and soul.

Remember, Life is not about the quantity of friends you have. It is about quality of friends you have.


Never ever waste your time on people who do not value it.

I said all these from my personal life experiences. You too have gained so much experience from your life till now. If you feel any other quality I missed, please comment. I love to hear and learn.

What quality attracts you most in others?


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