Wanna Maintain Good Relationships For Long Time? Here Is What You Need To Do

Relationships are very sensitive. It should be dealt with utmost care. To share our success or failure, happiness or sadness, we need at least one person in this world.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Never ever lie to your closed ones. Once you lose them, they won’t come back.
  2. Be genuine. Genuineness can’t be expected from everyone. It is not that easy to get. There are so many people who fake smile and who fake entire relationship. Don’t ever do that. Especially with your loved ones
  3. Give your consoling hand when others are in grief. People need others in difficult times the most rather than in happier times.
  4. Have humanity towards other beings. Never forget that you are human being first. If you don’t have humanity, you can’t give friendship. Friendship is the highest form. It is not that everyone can give.
  5. Always be frank. If you don’t like something say to that concerned person directly.
  6. Never ever gossip about other personal life. They shared to you by trusting you. Don’t break the trust. Once broken it will never be mended up.
  7. Don’t feel jealous on the success of others. Appreciate from the core of your heart. Feeling jealous will kill you only not others.
  8. If the mistake is on your side, say “sorry”. Being ego kills relationships faster. Sometimes even if the mistake is not on your side, say sorry if that is true relationship.
  9. Never argue with your loved ones. You may win an argument but you can’t win the person.

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