Reached Home In Midnight

This was the time when I just entered 11th class. First time in my life, I came across something called party. In order to welcome freshers tot he college, our seniors gave us a small freshers party. It was started at 7 p.m in the night and so many rocking dance shows, funny drama skits. By the time, party was over, it’s 1 a.m midnight. It was those days where the cost of phone is very high, not easily affordable. Internet, ohh come on, we didn’t know what it was. So, I don’t have any access to any sort of communication.

All my friends got dispersed and I was alone walking on the road. It was utterly silent. Heavy wind was blowing, I could hear even my breathing sound. I took up courage and moved.

Finally, reached home. Was afraid internally as I came late in the home. It was those mid 1990’s so the scenario how girls are now and those times were so unimaginably different.

I expected very harsh words from my parents. But to my astonish,my parents didn’t utter even  a single word. Couldn’t bear that silence, finally decided to break it and I asked why you both are not scolding me I came late that too midnight.

The response they said literally brought tears in my eyes.

My Parents said, “We know how we brought up you. We trust you. We know what you are. come and have dinner or atleast butter milk and go to sleep”

I cried out of happiness and decided that instant and did oath to myself, I must keep up their trust on me.

Is there anything like this happened to you too? please share in the comments. I love to hear and connect.


2 thoughts on “Reached Home In Midnight

  1. That was a very good read. My parents was always super stricted on me because they thought the neighborhood was bad. So it’s not that they didn’t trust me but they didn’t trust the neighborhood. But nonetheless that was a sweet message from your parents 🙂

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    1. Yeah, we need to be very careful too from bad neighbors and strangers. I can understand that. Blindly trusting them is not at all good. parents are always right when it comes to caring children.


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